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Indianapolis, Indiana Tuning and Pick-up Schedule

John Koelle, piano technician, has been rebuilding Steinway, Mason Hamlin and other fine pianos in the Chicago area for the past 33 years.  Every aspect of the job is personally managed by John in his own shop. The entire process for a complete rebuild takes approximately six weeks. The History of Steinway in Chicago goes back to the early 1900’s Steinway always promised a Steinway concert grand to any recognized artist. Because it was a transportation hub, many of these Steinways shipped out of Chicago. Because of this Steinway had many of their technicians based in Chicago. Over the years Steinway had several different dealers in the Chicago area Lyon Healy was the biggest since they were the Steinway dealer in the city during the roaring 20’s. Steinway built and distributed the most pianos in the 20’s. The best Steinways were built in the 20s’ Then came the depression Far less Steinways were built and shipped through the city. Then came WW2 and Steinway production dropped significantly The Steinway factory was turned into a glider factory so there were few Steinways to ship. Besides there were few rail cars available since the trains were involved in moving supplies from Chicago to Detroit in the war effort. After the war Steinway worked with Technicians across the country to build Steinways again. The post war Steinway product that shipped across the country were not the same. The Steinway plate castings that I have seen in Chicago were not as good and fully cast Also Much of the Steinway lettering plate casting was eliminated. The veneer on the post ww2 Steinways was also substandard. Chicago was still happy to have Steinway back in business. The 50’s were better for Steinway in Chicago. Steinway was building a more consistent piano that played reasonably well. Steinway had 2 dealerships in Chicago at that time. Then came the pathetic 60’s when Steinway sold out to CBS and the Chicago dealers were thrown under the bus. The Chicago Steinway dealers tried to bluff their way thru the bad Steinway product but the Chicago buyer saw thru this and started buying Yamahas. All of a sudden the Chicago Steinway dealers were also carrying Yamahas as well. Steinway threatened to pull the Chicago dealerships that sold Yamahas. This began a lot of legal wrangling between Chicago Steinway dealers and Steinway itself. Steinway CBS turned to Teflon bushings [Quicker cheaper] and tried to sell this idea to the public but Chicago was not buying the new Steinway idea. Yamaha was selling against the new Steinway idea very big in Chicago. Eventually Steinway had to go back to felt bushings and sold off their Teflon bushings By the rail carful to a Chicago Steinway dealer for his rebuilds. Steinway has gone thru several Chicago dealers but will never regain the position it once had in the piano market. A fourth-grader is a composer who’s never had a composition lesson, someone who can sit in front of a piano and just create music. Her mother never envisioned that her daughter would follow this sort of path. But she noticed something was different in her from an early age, since she was about 2 months old and started moving her hands to music that was played for her, as if ready to conduct it. She signed her up for violin lessons when she was 4½, and piano lessons when she was 5. And then it started happening. She first came up with two short, original pieces on violin. Then she started crafting her own music on the piano. She was 6. “It just comes to her,” said her mother, who learned piano as a child but didn’t play again until about a decade ago. “For her, it’s the way it is.” She’s since composed three piano pieces and is working on a couple more. The young lady doesn’t craft original music for the violin anymore, but still takes weekly lessons on it – in addition to her weekly piano lessons. She says she likes both instruments equally. The music instructors say she has a gift. “Right away, you could tell She was special,” said her teacher. “There’s a particular intensity she brings to her music,” added another. The other day, as she sat next to the Kawai and Steinway pianos that take up most of the space in her living room, she struggled to put into words how she’s able to come up with that music.,0,1073518.story,0,187570.story,0,1816500.story

Piano tuning, repair and rebuilding services available for Winnetka, Wilmette, Evanston, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Riverwoods, Deerfield, Lincolnshire, Mettawa, Oak Park, Oak Forest, Lakeview, Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Logan Square, Chicago gold coast and Chicago's north side as well as Glencoe, Northfield, Skokie Glenview, Libertyville, Northbrook , Rogers Park, Wrigleyville, Andersonville, Lakewood, Uptown, Sauganash, Edgewater, Margate Park, Buena Park, Old Town, Gold Coast, River North and Streeterville.

Call us at (847) 336-5919 and we can arrange for pickup and delivery of your piano either locally or anywhere across the United States. Here are a few of the cities out of state we have recently delivered restored pianos to:
Des Moines, Iowa (Our quality restoration was better than what the customer found from local dealer, and our price was competitive even with transportation costs.)
Minneapolis, St. Paul Minnesota (We recently delivered a complete rebuild-refinish to St. Paul, Minnesota)
Tulsa, Oklahoma (Our piano restoration dealer services have been used in Tulsa)
Kansas, Missouri (Our quality rebuilding-refinishing of these antique pianos has been our main competitive edge)
Madison, Wisconsin (Many piano teachers have used us for piano rebuilding and refinishing)
Fort Wayne, IN (IPFW has us do their rebuilding)
Denver, Colorado (Our cabinet restoration of a rare ANTIQUE Steinway was superior to what is locally available)
Kenosha, WI (We do the rebuilding for University of Wisconsin and many private clients)

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