Tuning and Service

Piano Tuning and Home Service

Since Koelle Piano does complete restorations, no minor repair is too difficult and home service is a natural fit to our business.

We service what we sell!



Pianos should be tuned a minimum of once a year. This is necessary to keep the piano strings tension up to standard pitch. Seasonal changes in humidity are one of the greatest influences on tuning stability. More frequent tuning is sometimes required due to greater than normal swings in humidity or more demanding playing situations. John Koelle Piano can keep you on a regular schedule.


Regulation, or the alignment and adjustment of all moving parts, should be done as necessary. This will vary greatly depending upon usage and condition of piano.

Piano placement

The piano should be kept in a suitable location, away from direct sources of heat, cold, or moisture. Ideal temperatures for pianos are between 60 and 80 degrees. Direct heat is a major cause of rapid tuning instability and can also dry out the wood and glue joints causing mechanical failure.


Humidity levels ranging from 40% to 60% are best for pianos, but consistency is more important than the exact level. Room humidifiers in the winter and air conditioners in the summer are sometimes necessary for achieving this.